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The Hathaway Law Firm Paralegals

The Hathaway Law Firm only employs certified paralegals (legal assistants) who have completed the required education to allow them to sit for the National Association of Legal Assistants’ certifying examination.  Only those that have passed the exam are allowed to use the designation of CLA or CP.  There are currently only 1003 Certified Legal Assistants in California.

The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  NALA sets out the education required for those sitting for the certifying examination; administers the two day exam; and establishes the requirements for maintaining and renewing the certificate.

Each of our paralegals graduated from the Legal Assistantship Program at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  It is our firm’s belief that we are offering an exceptional quality of work to our clients by using only certified legal assistants.  This has become a standard in our firm and we believe it offers value and economy to our clients, while maintaining an excellent work product.

Bonnie P. Ryan, CLA

Bonnie began in the legal field in 1988 at The Hathaway Law Firm.  Bonnie assists in transactional work, particularly probate, conservatorship matters, trust administration and real property transactions, including non-judicial foreclosures.

Jennifer A. Rollag, CLA

Jennifer has been in the legal field since 1986.  Jennifer has been employed at The Hathaway Law Firm since 2000.  Jennifer assists in transactional work, including estate planning, tax planning, trust administrations, business formations, and real property transactions.

Coleen De Leon, CLA

Coleen has over twenty years of experience in the legal field.  Coleen attended the College International de Cannes and is fluent in French.  Coleen has been with The Hathaway Law Firm since 2002.  Coleen works in civil litigation and is involved in managing all complex litigation matters.

Debra D. Acevedo, CLA

Debra has been in the legal field since 1982, and has been employed by The Hathaway Law Firm since 2004.  Debra works in the areas of litigation, business formation and maintenance, trust administration and real property transactions.

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