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General Practice

Not every problem fits into a defined area of legal practice and most legal problems have aspects of several areas of the law. An issue involving a divorce may raise issues in estate planning and the preservation of a family business.

The Hathaway philosophy has always included the concept that each lawyer should have experience in other areas of the law besides the attorney’s principal practice area. Our business lawyers also have trial experience. Our litigators have experience in drafting transactions. This multi-disciplinary approach gives our lawyers the unique ability to anticipate the effect of one area of practice on the other.

There are matters that do not necessarily present a classic legal problem, but might require the assistance of a lawyer in the role of counselor…Helping a family with a special needs child transition from one phase of life to another… Helping a family maintain their small business and protect the continuity of that business. These challenges require experience that is not taught in law school. It is often the collective life experiences of all the Hathaway employees and their willingness to apply the lessons learned from those life experiences that render this general practice an important component of the Hathaway Law Firm.

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